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Mother Daughter Ride Makes News in Your Community & Across Canada


We are very excited to launch MDRide Merchandise and provide riders and supporters the opportunity to buy while giving! Proceeds of all sales will go directly to SOS Children's Villages!

Please be aware that minimum orders must be reached before production and shipping occurs. Order forms  are available below & will be available in the Offer To Riders section of the Rider Website!


Thank you to

   Merchandise Order Form



 Parry Sound Charity Garage Sale a Wet Success!

On June 12th, rain or shine, Parry Sound came out to support Mother Daughter Ride and raised more than $450 for SOS Children's Villages. Lightly used items had been drooped off leading up to the garage sale and Greg Huges and Sandra Phillips were ready volunteers.


As the deck ad tables emptied of our garage sale ware around one o'clock and the last of the hot gods were eaten by lingering friends, the rain stopped and the clouds parted - go figure - and the most important job began ... counting the money.

We would like to thank the dedicated volunteers, the Town & Country Motel and MooseFM for kindly giving us airtime.

Stay tuned to hear about our Barrie Charity Garage Sale on July 17th with special guests Zoo ours! For more information, check out our Events page.

Mother Daughter Ride Received Support

from Corporate Sponsors!

Toronto, May 29th ~ As the ride nears its start, MDRide has been reaching out to many potential corporate sponsors to provide product and financial support to our cause, our riders and the mother daughter team. Some have declined, but most are signing on and joining the ride! 

Last week, Blanca, the daughter of the Mother Daughter Ride signed a sponsorship agreement with Westmont Hospitality Group, our official national accommodation sponsor. With the support of its Comfort Inn’s, Holiday Inn’s & Quality Hotel’s, MDRide will receive overnight and weekend packages from participating hotels, discounts for registered riders & registration assistance while traveling across Canada. In addition, for every booking, SOS Children’s Villages will receive a cash donation from its respective hotel sponsors.  For more information, check out our Offer to Riders page and/or download our Rider Kits which can be found on our Rider site.

Mother Daughter Ride has recently received the support of Power2Shine, BMW and Yamaha in the form of merchandise to be ‘raffled’ off across Canada while conversations with Honda continue.  

Stay tuned to our site for ongoing announcements of sponsorship and giveaway’s/promotional draw prizes and how you can win!

images/clients/mdride-media/BMWlogo.jpgimages/clients/mdride-media/Yamaha logo.jpg

When the Women Hit the Road ~ International Female Rider Day

I had the pleasure of attending the MOTORESS International Female Ride Day and although the weather was just scary, there were numerous riders who braved the storm. It was interesting to find out that IFRD began in Toronto, Canada 3 years ago and has grown into an international day of awareness and gatherings – there were even stories coming from as far away as Australia!

Yamaha, BMW and the Motorcycle News were just a few of the sponsors and supporters present & the draws were a huge success – I myself walked away with a $325 BMW motorcycle jacket that I needed more than anyone could know! As it turned out, this charity event, benefiting Cancer patients, helped MDRide and I be able to create a more successful event. Thank you Vicki!

Don’t be shy and check out all the stories, pics and videos from around the world at


Last Two Motorcycle Shows of the season in Toronto, and MDRide was there connecting with you.

The National Motorcycle Show in March and the Spring International Motorcycle Show in April were different as can be. One was a bit slower after a lot of time in the sun and a later show, when all we've had was rain, was busy and isles were packed with human bodies. Both shows were a success according to MDRide. We made great connections with the Ladyz on the Fringe, the International Women Rider Congress & Festival and the Heroes Highway Ride. We look forward to joining them! 

What we were excited about even more, was that we received recognition through the Canadian Biker article! Many came up and connected with us, putting a picture to the article.

Next is Rider Registration announcement. Stay tuned for our website re-launch with Rider, Media, and Sponsor websites!


The Mother Daughter Ride Makes it Into Print!

The Mother Daughter team recently sat down with Nancy Irwin of Canadian Biker to talk about the Mother Daughter Ride. As MDRide’s first interview and first national print exposure, we are so excited to see it in print and online!

Nancy was kind, thorough and incredibly helpful during the interview. She has connected the MDRide team with individuals in the Motorcycle world that have been invaluable in our endeavor.

Thank you Nancy!

Check out the article at or in the PDF list on the right.

We’re looking forward to more interviews & using all the tips Nancy provided!



We’ll be on the radio!!

Monday, February 22nd at 7:30am we’ll be joining Patrick & Debi on the morning show to share about the Mother Daughter Ride.  And we’re EXCITED!

ProudFM, Toronto’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered radio station, will marks its third anniversary in April 2010. Although not without its struggles financially and due to controversy, it is the first Canadian radio station targeted specifically to an LGBT audience & the first commercial LGBT radio station in the world.

Joining Deb Pearce and Patrick Marano is our first radio appearance and we hope you can join us in our adventure!

Listen in to 103.9FM Monday at 7:30 am – call in & join in!


ALL FUNDS raised through untill March 4th WILL BE MATCHED by the daughter of Mother Daughter Ride.

SOS Children's Villages is at the front lines of Haiti.

Please give generously!


images/clients/mother-daughter-motorcycle-ride-childrens-fundraiser-charity-canada/MotherDaughterRide_41.JPGMother Daughter Ride launched at the Toronto Motorcycle Show on December 11th and found astounding support with riders, groups and the media.  Through our promotional draw, we raised upwards of $1200 and developed a database of contacts increasing our readership.



 We want to thank our volunteers & Supporters:

 Helmi Pielorz
Justin McMakin

Rob Gardiner

Craig McLean


Greg Hughes

Sandra Philips

Aaron Mcguckin

Sarah Robertson

Paula Robertson

Ian Chiochio


images/clients/mother-daughter-motorcycle-ride-childrens-fundraiser-charity-canada/MotherDaughterRide_88.JPGAnd congratulate our winners:

Mr. Renaud - Town and Country Motel
Mr. McGregor -$300 Royal Distributing GC

We met with riders from all over the country who told stories of long and short journey and gave us great advice – we hope that the next show is as good or even better!

 Watch for more success!

Blanca & Kathy
The Mother Daughter Team


The Mother Daughter Ride Launch
Toronto Motorcycle Sho
w, December 11th- 13th, 2009

 The Mother Daughter Ride is launching your way at the December Motorcycle Show in Toronto. Come be part of the excitement!

The Mother Daughter Ride (MDRide) was created by a mother daughter team who will be riding motorcycles across Canada in August of 2010, in order raising funds for SOS Children’s Villages. SOS is a charity focused on aiding abandoned and orphaned children here in Canada and internationally. The Mother Daughter Ride is committed to inspire others to experience and engage the world and the people around them while giving back.

MDRide has been given the opportunity to be a part of the Toronto Motorcycle Show on December 11th – 13th, a value of $1500. We need your support to make this launch the best it can be! Check out Motorcycle Show Information and the Volunteer Survey to find out more information regarding:

Providing equipment

Please pass it on and get your network involved – there is always a mother, daughter or rider in the bunch!

She Rides Night Friday: FREE ADMISSIONS for Women after 5:00pm

Visit our booth and have A CHANCE TO WIN a Motorcycle accessory kit and a weekend in Parry Sound.

Many thanks & see you at the show!

Blanca & Kathy
The Mother Daughter Team

Meeting the Voice of SOS Children's Villages

Delata Chelsea Hotel, Toronto ~ On October 7, 2009, in the business meeting area, I met with Kelsey Lemon, the Partnership Program Manager for SOS Children’s Villages.  The gentle, supporting voice Blanca and I encountered in our conference calls stood embodied in a knowledgeable, confident woman.  Kelsey’s casual, yet professional manner made it easy to relax, be myself and feel at ease to ask questions without fear of sounding naive.
After introducing ourselves, and over a steamy cup of coffee, first on the agenda was to update Kelsey to the progress Blanca was making with the web-site.  Kelsey’s smile broadened when I explained how Blanca’s technological savvy left me mopping the dust from my eyes!
Next Kelsey presented me with SOS brochures, pledge forms, collection boxes and Mike Homes’ SOS v Instant WebsiteSponsor MDRide.comSponsor MDRide.comSponsor MDRide.comSponsor MDRide.comSponsor MDRide.comSponsor MDRide.comSponsor