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After a year of income below the poverty level for my new Web Development, Optimization Company, I knew I need to drastically change my business.
I was having a hard time selling my services and I was forced to deal on price not value. I found that my prospects needed a hard sell to purchase my products as they could not see the value of what I had to offer. I also spent too much time on projects that gave me little value in return for my efforts. I met Dave and he showed me that that the problems I was experiencing was due to my limiting plan for my business and that I was on the path of producing a time consuming job and not the business I had originally envisioned.
With Dave's guidance, I developed a business where I quickly found qualified people to produce my work so I could focus on building my company. I now have only two jobs; business development and marketing of my expanding product and services. I have a clear vision of what I want to accomplish and the knowledge that I can get it done, faster than I ever dreamed about back in my poverty days.
Dave showed me easy to implement systems that increased my profit so that I now earn more in two months than I used to make in one entire year. If you want to get out of the entrepreneurial trap of working too hard, too long, for too little, I would give Dave a call or at the very least, go to one of his seminars.
John Wheeler
Zenn Media

Why Hire A Business Corner Coach?

  "People don't choose to work with a coach because they want to;
they do it because
they need to achieve something
they haven't been able to attain by themselves"

 – Anonymous
Nearly every successful person, either in business, sports or otherwise has a coach. Coaches observe behaviour and improve individual performance. So, too, successful business owners understand that if they want to reach the next level, they need to expand their knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes in order to sharpen their focus and/or remove any barriers holding them back. Our coaching programs and workshops do just that
Here are some benefits you can enjoy by participating in any of our exclusive coaching programs:

Identify What You Need to Change or Improve
Insanity is defined as: “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”. In order to achieve different results you may need to do many things differently. The Business Corner helps you identify areas that you no longer use, areas that you have not fully developed, and areas in your business that you might not have thought about before. Our coaching helps you break down the roadblocks to your success and helps you overcome them so you can move forward.
Achieve Your Goals Faster
Who doesn’t want to reach their goals faster, with less stress? A coach helps you develop a roadmap that provides you with consistent support and offers tools, innovative strategies and fresh approaches to help you quickly reach your goals.
Gain Clarity of Purpose
Many Business owners are so busy wearing "too many hats" that they don’t stop to realize that they are heading in the opposite direction of where they want to go. If you don't develop a plan to reach your goals and a practical way to get there, you often expend unnecessary effort, fear-based feelings of panic, reaction, and on your own unsatisfied need for instant gratification. This usually leads to feeing worn out. A coach can help you clarify your mission and vision and develop the day-to-day "Must Do's" so that your energies are focused on moving you closer to your goals and dreams.
Receive Support and the Benefits of Collaboration
When two or more people come together to brainstorm, their collective energy and creativity multiply ideas exponentially. Synergy is both energizing and productive and helps you reach your goals faster.