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For those that like to work in a classroom setting so that you can get  learn in a collaborative environment, we are developing Building Momentum 1-Day Workshops. Our programs will help you  get away from the distractions of your day-to-day and focus on building your business. Our programs will include:

Research - How can you be an "Expert" in your field when you don't who you are playing against?

Sales Process - Why spend money on Marketing if you can't close them?

Business Plan - How do you know you are THERE if... you don't know where you are really going?

Marketing - Your Business Plan is your engine. Your Marketing is your GAS!

The Paperless Office - Did you know that the average person touches a document 12 times before they full act? How about we show you a system that knocks that down to one or two so you can focus on the 20% of activities that give you 80% of your income. We show you how to use a tool you already have in your computer to organize your business so you can more money! NOW AVAILABLE!

The Phone - No matter how great your Marketing, No matter how great your products or services, you eventually... have to pick up the phone and talk to your customers. This is a step-by-step process where you develop you phone scripts that are then tested out by phone sales professionals.  NOW AVAILABLE!

For more information about these programs please contact us at 416-580-5341 and there is more to come!!!

Our Products and Services

“I know that 1 Month with us can save some of you years of

trial and error struggling.”

 Hey, I'm just like you and believe me, I know what you are going through. You are an army of one or two (or at least you feel like it) and there are too many weeks where you say to yourself and others, “I don't know what I did this week, but I was very busy and didn't get much accomplished”. You know that you need to focus on building your business but...when do you have the time? The time to learn what you need to learn, time to implement what you have learned and time to run your business at the same time?

This is where 'The Business Corner' really shines
Putting the foundational '4 Business Corners' to work for you
The Business Corner education and coaching concept was designed to help people stuck in the “Entrepreneurial Trap” (i.e., working too hard, too long, and for too little money.) We have designed our products and services to help you through the initial “Survival” stage of running your own business through to the next levels - Success, Sustainability and to the chosen few, Significance.
Your path to Success is through our products and services:
Pre-formulated Business Systems – We show entrepreneurs and small business owners profitable, proven business systems they can install into their business quickly and easily. These proven systems will generate profits and recover some of your valuable time within months, not years or decades. Our favourite? Sales and Marketing tools – keep in contact, educate your clients and keep them feeling appreciated = profits all accomplished for very little time or expense.

Accountability Coaching – You have built your plan.  Wouldn't things run more smoothly and easily if a person who is very familiar with what you are going through provided personal, one-on-one, support and coaching? We give advice and hold you accountable for implementing the plan you built. This is the proven road to realizing greater profits...only sooner.
Business Building Coaching – It's similar to 'Accountability Coaching” but we put you through our superior actionable processes to achieve greater results. Our programs run for months not years to get you quickly on track. As an added bounus... Coaching clients will attend The Business Corner's  1-Day workshops for Free. Our most popular programs are Marketing and Sales. This is for serious Start-up and Business Owners ready to get to the next level - faster.
Are you ready to give us a try? Click here to attend our Free Business Building Bootcamp


The time you spend with us working ON your business will give you greater value than the money you would have earned working IN your business or your money back.