“As a Business Solutions Consultant, I felt extremely fortunate to be able to attend Dave Worsfold’s Bootcamp in Etobicoke, ON. The event itself was very well organized, and I was impressed with the quality of Dave’s delivery.

Dave was not only able to deliver great content on how to adjust your marketing strategy in these difficult times, but also pointed out to other business areas that you absolutely must focus on, such as Strategic Planning, Leads Generation, Sales Process Development and CRM Strategy.
The most valuable thing about Dave’s training was that I was able to implement a number of his great tips right away, focus on things that were important for my business, change my message to the one that works and get much clearer on my company’s Value Proposition.
From just two meetings with Dave, I already feel that I am “leaps and bounds” ahead from where I was before, and I have clarity on where I really want to be heading with my business. And Dave’s Time Management tips were simply amazing! Not only Dave is a great Business Building Coach and mentor – he really practices what he preaches. I highly recommend Dave’s Program to any business owner who is ready to take the quantum leap and bring his business to the next level.
Thank you, Dave – you’re the best!”
Val Slastnikov
President & CEO
Digitizer Group



Business & Sales Training

The Business Corner is Different...GUARANTEED!
Where You and Success Meet

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Together, we will CHANGE THE RESULTS your business produces within 2-6 months - No Theory. No Hype. No 'Ideal' solutions. No empty promises. No Bull! Just practical, consistent, measurably profitable and permanent CHANGE!

GUARANTEE -  OUR PROMISE TO YOU: The time you spend with us working ON your business will give you greater value than the money you would have earned working IN your business or your money back.

Our Challenge: To show you the...

Startling Fact About Building a Stronger Business…

...It's as Easy as Investing 3 hours of Your Time and the Number 4
Like the majority of entrepreneurs or business owners, you’re working hard and putting in the time, but you are wearing “Too many Hats” and “Just can’t catch up”. Worse yet, your dream of starting a business to make more money with a more flexible time schedule has turned into something else – a JOB – with an overbearing, demanding 'boss' who works you harder, with longer hours, no vacations and less pay. The worst part is you can’t get away from your boss because you see him/her every morning in the mirror!
So how do you break through your barriers to achieve more money and more time or even to just stay in business? First, you have to know if you own a 'job' or a 'business'. So, ask yourself one question; "What would happen to my business if I was sick for an extended period of time...say 4 months?". If that answer is an “Out of Business” sign on your door, you my friend own a JOB. There is nothing wrong with owning your own job but – here is a secret – Running a successful business is much more enjoyable and more profitable than running a successful job… in any business environment… any day of the week. Owning a successful Business means less work, more time, less stress and more money. If you would like to learn more...
We will give you 3 hours of our time... for Free!

Where you will Learn about The 4 Critical 'Corners' which are the foundation of ALL successful businesses!

Business Plan
Not one for the bank, rather an executable plan that operates your day-to-day business to maximize profits.

Leads Generation
The simple truth about the what, when, where, why and how of “Spreading the Word”.

Sales Plan
'Package it, sell it, keep them happy so they keep coming back' sales systems.

Personal and Team Development
Making sure you have the Skills, Knowledge, Habits and Attitudes needed to run a business in todays economy.

FEATURES: Our Bottom Line Objectives - Just 10% better in these 4 basic areas will help you WIN!

Only a 10% increase in solid business Knowledge, 10% better Skills, 10% more profitable Habits and just 10% more winning Attitudes will make you 90% better than your competition. Don't like my math? Come to our Free 3-hour seminar and we will prove it to you!

If your company is bumping up against a ‘glass ceiling’ and isn't moving forward, it means that your current knowledge, skills, habits and attitude have taken your business as far as it can go with what you've already got. A business can only move in two directions – UP or DOWN! In order for you to 'break through' your ”Glass Ceiling”, you need to inject some NEW ideas, systems and behaviours into your business. Business is that simple, people make it difficult!

I hope by now that you believe you need to learn more to grow more! If you want to make more money, have more time, build better teams, and adopt better business systems, you have to go back to school. I know, I hated boring classrooms and seminars, too. Still Do! I promise you it won't be boring and I guarantee after our seminar, if you implement just one idea I'll give you, you will make more money. It's all up to you. Click here to attend our Business Building Bootcamp

Continuing Education: Learning has to make sense. We teach you EXACTLY what you need to know.

I don’t know about you, but to me, going back to school and sitting in classrooms to learn old and sometimes outdated lessons is something I won't do again. On the other hand, I have signed up for more than a few webinars and teleseminars; bought books, tapes (oh, now I'm dating myself) CD’s and DVD’s. Sound familiar? But I had problems with those because I was too busy running my business to complete them. Plus, they only gave me 60-80% of what I needed and getting that last 20% would either cost me too much, or was hard to get, or both. Has that been your experience, too?

Well, later when my business grew mostly through my own efforts and with a prospering economy, I hired a business consultant. Nine thousand dollars and three months later, I still didn’t know what I was doing and I was even busier trying to do my employees work and still run my business. I just didn't have the time to get coached and run my business. Running my business always won!

THERE HAD TO BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT! : “My search led to our developing this Original Program, and I want to share it with you."

Are you ready to give us a try? Click here to attend our Business Building Bootcamp