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Wealth & Self Conference
Dominican Republic

Guest Speaker Topic: Stay Profitable During All Economic Conditions

Presentation on Sunday November 15th, 2009

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 “The Business Corner came through with straightforward, to-the-point help with getting our Internet Marketing Company off the ground. I have been happy to refer many other business owners to Dave and his team. His coaching helped increase sales by over 20% in the first two months!
John Wheeler
I spent two hours with Dave Worsfold, Wow! Not only did Dave show me ways to increase the profits of my company, he showed me more markets that easily tied into my business that I was not even aware of.
Lou G.
"I got a lot of excellent information which really put in order what I am learning in my "Big Firm"upline. I now better understand the importance of what I've been told and the focus I must have...
Stella L.
I'm Glad I attended your seminar. You gave me new things to think about - not think - to do. I previously took a 2 month course and you encapsulated it all, plus more, in 2 hours. Thank you
Kathleen M.

Business Building Systems & Coaching

Our Challenge: To show you the Startling Fact About Building a Stronger Business…

...It's as Easy as Investing 3 hours of Your Time and the Number 4
Like the majority of entrepreneurs or business owners, you’re working hard and putting in the time, but you are wearing “Too many Hats” and “Just can’t catch up”. Worse yet, your dream of starting a business to make more money with a more flexible time schedule has turned into something else – a JOB – with an overbearing, demanding 'boss' who works you harder, with longer hours, no vacations and less pay.
The worst part is you can’t get away from your boss because you see him/her every morning in the mirror!
So how do you break through your barriers to achieve more money and more time or even to just stay in business?
First, you have to know if you own a 'job' or a 'business'. So, ask yourself one question; "What would happen to my business if I was sick for an extended period of time...say 4 months?". If that answer is an “Out of Business” sign on your door, you my friend own a JOB. There is nothing wrong with owning your own job but – here is a secret – Running a successful business is much more enjoyable and more profitable than running a successful job… in any business environment… any day of the week. Owning a successful Business means less work, more time, less stress and more money.
If you would like to learn more...

We will give you 3 hours of our time... for Free!

You will Learn about The 4 Critical 'Corners' which are the foundation of ALL successful businesses!

Business Owners who join us can share our knowledge and insights regarding ways to make your business thrive in today’s very competitive marketplace.

Some of the topics include:

  • The Three “Must Do’s” to Recession-Proof Your Business
  • That Success in Business is not a Mystery, it’s a System and one that you can learn
  • The Four Key Areas that Businesses owners must focus on to Recession-Proof their business
  • Inexpensive proven ways to increase the Impact of Your Marketing
  • The Five Secrets to improve your Website
  • Show you that your Database will make you Rich and that your Products and Services will not
  • A Five Letter Word that will increase your sales
  • Staffing Made Easy


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