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“Revel in the Light”, the name of her 1st film, was the theme that Rebecca Beayni presented to the United Nations in 2005 before a committee developing a UN Convention around the inclusion and self-determination of people with  disabilities. Now 30 years old, Rebecca’s life and hopes continue to burst through the seams of her disability. She brings her message of hope online.

Rebecca Beayni at UN continues the work of Rebecca and her circle of support in their continued journey through the limits of social justice toward a deepening of community capacity for us all.

"Rebecca Beayni's message is deeply inspirational and profoundly important to the well-being of the human community.  I look forward to Rebecca's new website, the content of which is guaranteed to be outstanding!” ~ Keith Powell, Executive Director of Community Living Ontario

Rebecca is an active communicator, a recognized dancer, painter, and an inspiring presenter in the education field. Her website is one more tool inviting people to dream of a more compassionate society where everyone’s gifts are recognized and welcomed. 

Rebecca deeply values the importance of interdependence in her own life and her personal witness speaks to the necessity for deep connections and solid relationships for all people. Rebecca’s hope is that the site’s visitors will allow this message to impact them and in small ways help families, friends, communities and larger social systems to work towards positive social change.


Order Dance in the Shadow which includes Rebecca's first film, Revel in the Light, and additional bonus footage at Inclusion Press 
or watch the film at Partners for Planning's Doc Zone

New Educational Kit Released for Dance in the Shadow
Through a joint project between Partners for Planning and L'Arche Canada, an educational kit that spans the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, tolerance, respect and social responsibilty at a variety of grade levels and within various courses has been released for use for school boards across Ontario. The curriculum is available for free download at the L'Arche Canada website and at

Rebecca Awarded for 10 years of Service at Royal Ontario Museum
Ceremony hosted by the Ministy of Citizenship and Immigration, June 18th, 2014, Winter Garden Theatre

Congratulations to Rebecca Beayni
Awarded Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
September, 2012 in Winnpeg, MB
Nominated by the Canadian Association for Community Living

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