Testimonials from Happy Students

Vinita Wadhawan, Sales Head - Radio City
I attended the motivational workshop conducted by Kamal Bhatia. It was an enriching experience and I learnt how a different perspective of a situation can totally make things look brighter. Above all Kamal’s positivity towards various situations was an actual proof of what he was trying to impart.

Vijay Bhushan
Kamal….It was a privilege to attend the sessions conducted by you. I was particularly impressed with your illustrations that showed that many times we ourself are not aware of what things are in our best interest. If we face negative experiences they, in fact could be in our best interest. This realization has helped me to look at the silver lining in a dark cloud.

Vipin - Rita
Kamal is an amazingly gifted speaker who captivates the audience with his high energy presentations. His exuberance and natural flair enriched with oodles of experiences in life and profession make him a highly inspirational presenter. His ability to directly connect with audience makes him such a successful speaker.

His motivational talks on unconditional love and relationship are truly life changing. Program on perfect relationship conducted by him, places the individual at the highest pedestal, reiterating that like freshly bloomed lotus, a relationship is more precious than gold.

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