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"I went out for breakfast Sunday morning with my kids at a local restaurant. When we arrived, there was a line starting to form. A family of four went before us. Another family walked in after us. I noticed a nice table open up near the window and I thought to myself, I would like that table. The hostess then came and told the family who came after us that a table was ready. I immediately felt myself getting upset that they went ahead of us when we arrived first. She then came back and brought us to the table I said I wanted by the window. I was fully ready to say something to her then realized I got exactly what I asked for from the universe. Thank you for this great lesson!" ~ Tom, Toronto, Canada

"I was taking a seadoo out for a test ride before purchasing it and I ended up running out of gas on the lake. I didn't even realize how far I was from the Marina as I was having so much fun riding it. I started to worry as I had left my kids at the dock so I can test it first before bringing them out with me. Some time had passed by and I managed to flag down an older retired couple. They were so nice and towed me back to the Marina. So grateful for angels who show up to assist and take care of me."
~ Albert, Toronto, Canda

"Today I clicked an update button to this website and wiped out all the work I had done on it. Then I recreated it more powerfully so it is even easier to use for all the visitors to share their miracles. An awesome miracle disguised as a mistake :) " ~ Justin, Toronto, Canada

"I was visiting a friend out in the country outside of Ottawa. When I was leaving her place it was dark and she reminded me that there were moose in the area. Anyway, I was cruising along listening to music when all of a sudden a voice in my head said: “remember there are moose out here.” So I immediately started to slow down. A few seconds later I saw a little glimmer of light up ahead just to the side of the road. I puts the brakes on harder and as I slowed to a stop I saw a family of moose crossing the highway! The glimmer of light I saw was the reflection of my headlights in the first moose’s eye who was half on the shoulder of the road and was looking back at me! Behind that moose was a baby moose and a third adult moose. The third one was right in the middle of my lane and I stopped right in front if it. It stood there looking at me for what seemed like forever before heading off to join it’s family. I realized that had I slowed down any later than I had I would have hit the moose, totaled my car and most likely have totaled myself. When I called my friend to tell her about it she said: “that voice in your head was your grandma whispering to you to slow down!” I don’t know whose voice it was, all I know is that it was a miracle!"
~ Alanna, Mississauga, Canada

"My son asked me to go see a movie tonight. When we got to the cash, he pulled out a Cineplex card and paid for the tickets. It was a great surprise and I was honoured to accept :) "
~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"In the month of June I asked my friends on Facebook to help me share miracles and fill up with the love of hearing other people’s gratitude towards the experiences in life. There were close to 100 shares, likes, and comments. I’m so excited to be making a donation of $100 to Million Miracles for Kids in honour of those who expressed miracles and lifted the hearts of those around them." ~ Loree, Calgary, Canada

"I am grateful for summer, sunshine, fresh air, amazing connections, good friends, family and this beautiful country we are privileged to live in." ~ Chad, Calgary, Canada

"I was facing a bad toothache for 4 days and eventually yesterday afternoon when I sat for my prayer, I blessed my tooth while it was in pain. By evening the pain just disappeared without any medicine. I believe it was Jesus who healed me. Thank you Jesus for taking my pain away :) "
~ Elizabeth, Kolkata, India

"I saw my dream job being advertised and decided to submit my resume. I didn't hear anything for a couple of weeks and thought that maybe I didn't make the cut. However, I decided to send a quick follow-up email just to see. Exactly one week later I had an interview, and a job offer was extended the very next morning." ~ Aimee, Brampton, Canada

"When I was born, my umbilical cord was in two perfect knots and wrapped around my neck twice. My mother said that if she had been induced, I would have died. The docter was so thrilled that I lived, that he took about 12 pictures of me to show EVERYONE. I love how God works. I just wonder sometimes what he wanted me to stay alive for..." ~ Alexandria, Connecticut, USA

"My miracle this morning was finding this wonderful place that miracles are shared.... Thank you Albert. Thank you Universe for sharing all these miracles." ~ Ed, Calgary, Canada

"I FINALLY GOT IT! I know now beyond the shadow of a doubt that who I really am the spirit, is also everyone else and everything else. I know that I am always connected to God the source and that Davide Scorziello is the body which I've come to experience life through his eyes. This amazing break through in my life has changed everything for me and it feels so amazing. I am home and I feel great! I love you all as I love myself, thank you for being my guides." ~ Davide, Aurora, Canada

"As I got off the highway this morning a police woman ran out in front of me and told me to pull over. It took me a while to notice her as I was in virtual reality somewhere. She told me I was going 21 kms over the speed limit. She took my paperwork and went back to her car. While she was gone I asked my angels to take care of the outcome. When she returned she smiled and said she is not giving me a speeding ticket due to my good driving record but she was giving me a ticket for some paperwork issue which doesn't count against my record. She then told me how to have the charge dropped in court. I gave her a huge smile and said thank you. She then wished me a great day!"
~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"I was leaving Hawaii and arrived at the airport at 8:55pm. My flight was scheduled to depart at 9:25pm so I knew I was already late. The man at the counter said my flight was departing at 9:15 and that I was too late. I asked him if he can check if I can still get on. He called down to baggage and asked if bags were all loaded. I heard the man on the other end reply that they were complete but he could still take me. I was immediately rushed through security and on to the runway where I ran to the plane then ran up the stairs:) I was in my seat at 9:05pm. It was the most effortless check in experience I've ever had." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Tasha our big kitty went missing for 7 hrs, for 6 of the 7 we didn't look for her thinking she was in my Dad's room (she likes to sleep under his bed) or sleeping somewhere since it's normal for our cats to find some place cozy to sleep in, but as time went on we were getting more and more worried. The breaking point was when Dad woke up and informed us that Tasha was not in his room. We searched around the house for an hr getting more and more panicked. "Were was she?" we thought "Is she trapped somewhere?" "Will we find our beloved cat dead?" "Why didn't we start looking for her sooner?" We had a cat in the past that went missing and when we found him it was too late, so now whenever one of our cats go missing that fear is in the back of our minds. So I put my shoes on and went outside and called her all the while praying to God "Please Lord I need you more than anything right now, every night I pray to you asking you to keep the cats safe, well Lord, I need you to keep that promise now, please bring her back safe."; no answer from Tasha not even a meow. So I went back inside and grabbed a pouch of cat treats and tried again next thing I know I hear the most beautiful sound "Meow." Tasha had come back she jumped up on the porch and I scooped her up in my arms and brought her inside. "Thank you Lord!" mom and I both said, "Thank you for bringing her back to us safe!" Tasha is resting now after filling her belly with food and her favorite treats. What I want to know is; where was she all this time and what was she doing the 7 or so hrs she was gone? Without God watching over our furry family members we would not of had Tasha safely home with us.

"I parked my car at a lot with pay meters installed. As I was approaching the meter, I noticed a man placing coins in the slot but they kept coming out. He looked at me and said he thought it was broken. I asked him if I can try with my credit card instead. When I used my card, it worked! I asked him how much he was going to pay for parking and he replied '$1.50'. I purchased a ticket and gave it to him. He then thanked me and asked me to take his change. I replied and said it wasn't necessary as it was a gift but he insisted I take it. I smiled and wished him a great day. Later that afternoon, I went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee only to realize I did not have any money with me, only my debit and credit cards. Even though I didn't want to use debit for such a small amount, I started to take my walet out when I felt change in my pocket. It was the change the man had given me earlier and it was enough to buy my coffee. I thought I was giving him a gift but later realized he had also given me a gift worth more than a cup of coffee:)" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I was leaving a mall parking lot when I heard someone honking their horn several times. I wasn't sure if it was directed at me so I stopped to look around and noticed a man pointing to my roof. I immediately remembered I had left my coffee on the roof right near my door before I got in my car! I would have drove off and possibly worn my coffee as I had my window open. I went around my car and made sure I thanked this gentleman for saving my day!" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"I was driving along a busy highway one morning on my way to work; fairly fast but not over the speed limit. A flock of birds swooped down and I had to go on my breaks, they literally brought me to almost a complete stop. I had a feeling that this was some kind of a message for me. As I gathered up my speed again I witnessed a most beautiful scene. A family of deer was crossing the highway, one stopped to make sure the other one crossed safely behind. I felt so connected to nature that morning and enjoyed the miracle!" ~ Monica, Greenbank, Canada

"Over the holidays we had one of our miracle share Wednesdays where no one could attend. So we held a formal share with our 6 & 9 year old boys. It went really well and they shared for several rounds for over an hour! Tonight, being Thursday, they said they had miracles and wanted to do a share. It was really awesome! Even asked for the talking stick to make it formal!!! The youth just get it. They need only see the light once and there along they follow. Blessings fellow mees. Continue to show me the light!" ~ Colette, Black Diamond, Canada

"Just out, my second miracle book. Please visit my website where you can purchase through Amazon or Barnes & Noble ~ Sally, KS, USA ~

"Yesterday I took my daughter to her first session of bowling with the Special Olympics organization in our community. There were so many amazing moments and I am not sure I can describe with words the feeling of pure joy that filled my heart. There was this one moment when she was standing at the line watching her ball slowly roll down the aisle.. The way she turned around transported me back to a picture of time several years ago where she had been very ill and was taking her first steps after 52 days in bed. Those steps were so tentative and slow, she looked up at me with a look of hesitation as she took a few steps forward. Last night as she looked up at me I saw the same look of hesitation but just for a flicker of ! time. Then she threw her arms into the air jumping up and down yelling "I did it, I did it". Her excitement was so contagious, everyone felt it and became apart of it. No one even noticed how many pins did or didn't fall. I was so touched by the gift of seeing that linear time is only an illusion. In the moment years ago she chose to be courageous and take a step, then two, in the moment last light she chose to be courageous and celebrate the rolling of a ball. The moments overlapped and each one became filled with joy and pure unconditional love! What a beautiful miracle to watch and experience." ~ Loree, Calgary, Canada

"A year ago as I was writing my bucket list, I wrote that I wanted to find a painless solution for my nasal blockage. I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep at night or wake up in the morning without having my nasal passage blocked. I have seen two specialist's and they both said I can have surgery to cut away some tissue to allow more air to pass through. Although a small procedure, I still
didnt want to have surgery. I was feeling frustrated, having gone through this for what seemed like many years. I booked a date for surgery in Feb 2012.

I recently had a massage and through a great conversation explained what I was experiencing with my nasal passage. She told me I should go see her colleage who is an Osteopath. I had a strong feeling I should book an appointment. I saw the Osteopath about a month later and not really knowing what he did, I just surendered and allowed the process to happen. I left the appointment feeling very
different but didn't know what was to come a short while after. The very same night, my nasal passage was completely clear when I went to sleep and also the very next morning. Its been 3 weeks now and I am still completely clear. I no longer feel I need to go through the surgery and will be cancelling my appointment :) I am truly grateful for everyone that shows up in my life to assist me. I am always provided for." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Miracles happen when you share your dreams with like-minded people. When I first got my coaching certification, I sat around a table with girlfriends and told them I dreamed of coaching CEO's using my coaching model for releasing self-limiting beliefs. One lady at the table said, "I'll book you with my boss and his partner next week. Will that work?" I was shocked, (a little scared), and totally thrilled. What was a dream had just become a reality. It was the begining of a very fulfilling part of the work I do."
Marilyn, MI, USA ~

"I recently ordered a book online and the company shipped the audio version instead. They then sent me an email apologizing and lettting me know I can keep the audio version and that the hard cover book is on its way! I now get to enjoy it in my car as well :)" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

~ Teresa, Alberta, Canda ~

"I was leaving a mall parking lot when I heard someone honking their horn several times. I wasn't sure if it was directed at me so I stopped to look around and noticed a man pointing to my roof. I immediately remembered I had left my coffee on the roof right near my door before I got in my car! I would have drove off and possibly worn my coffee as I had my window open. I went around my car and made sure I thanked this gentleman for saving my day!" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"Miracles arise each and every day when you decide to make it a wellthy day. I stepped up with commitment in 1996, when I left my full-time instructional post and leapt into an entrepreneurial lifestyle. It became obvious then, and even more so now, for me to stay found for my life, I have continually to shine light on what is before me. From this illuminate awareness, I’m to share wisdom of miracles in a multitude of ways. And I do! Yes .,.,. it is a wellthy day of miracles."
~ Steve, Calgary, Canada ~

"I am very lucky to be a great manifestor, I am blessed, but in my quest to empower and inspire others I have many miracles, but the most recent one was I was driving home very late at night from Teaching at the university and I spoke with my angels and I spoke with God, I asked if I was on the right track and I asked that I be alowed to use my gifts and talents to help others be more healthy, live longer and aspire to greatness! I Then looked up into the sky and I witnessed a shooting star- then very next night I did the same ritual and I looked up and there it was again another shooting star! 2 for 2! I am blessed!" ~ Marti, Chula Vista, USA

"There is a crabapple tree in our backyard right outside my daughters window. I have been trying to decide wether or not to cut it down. Today there was wind and a lot of snow. At one point I looked out the Window and there was a flock of beautiful little birds out in our tree. I realized they were eating the leftover crabapples. My daughter said " I want to sing with them" So I cracked open the window and she sang "I missed you so much" a few times as the birds sang along. It is a miracle tree. Feeding the birds in the cold of winter and providing joy for me and my daughter. I will not be cutting down the tree!!" ~ Loree, Okotoks, Alberta

"Two months ago, I knew Bijan is going to have "Awaken 2012" seminar in Bali Island, I thought about it and wanna go~ But, I had financial concern at that time! So, I just left my desire to universe. Three days ago, I received the universe check!! Now I can go to Bali Island to attend seminar and welcoming 2012!! Have FUN and JOY!! Yeah~ : )" ~ Jean, Changsha, China

"My biggest miracle is meeting my beloved Bill-- I was 40 years old, tiring out my friends with my single laments, and spiritually baffled. After big surrender, I met the big fella-- the most unlikely guy-- 10 years older, just separated, living 362 miles away... but perfect for me! 10 years later I've literally never been happier!" ~ Karen, Arizona, USA ~

"I pulled out my Passion Test (LOVE Janet Atwood) from Nov 3, 2010. One of the biggest challenges I had was with the "friends". I had as one of my Passions "My influential circle of peers become some of my best friends". I so had no idea how that could even ever be possible one year ago when I wrote that. 

I'm reading the 3 "markers" I have letting me know when this would have manifested in my life and OMG! I think I'm there! The people I am hanging out with now are “my influential circle of peers” ~ Krizia, Toronto, Canada ~ 

"Everyday is a blessing and full of Miracles. I am so grateful to be alive and to be of assistance everyday to everyone I encounter." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I saw a table I wanted for my hallway that would fit much better than the one I had purchased a year ago. The table I wanted was $180 which was more than I wanted to pay. I then starting thinking I should sell the one I had first to free up the space. I listed my table for $100 online and the very next day, I noticed the one I wanted went on sale for $80. A couple of days later, someone contacted me and wanted to come see the table I listed. They came to see it and offered me $80 and I gladly accepted. With this miracle I received the table I wanted without spending any additional money and the lady that bought my old table was very happy with her purchase." ~ Sara, Toronto, Canda

"In December of 1991 I admitted myself to the hospital in the middle of the night after I discovered I was bleeding extensively as an unknown result of my twin pregnancy. It was the first of what was to become a number of complications to my pregnancy. My first pregnancy had ended successfully although it resulted in an emergency c-section to ensure the viability of my son. His oxygen supply was being impeded with each of my contractions. I was advised my next pregnancy would be considered high risk however safe enough to proceed. I never contemplated ever possibly carrying twins! Four months into the pregnancy I was told my twin babies wouldn't survive due to the extreme complications I was enduring. My heart and my head told me otherwise. The moment I heard those words from the doctors I immediately came to peace knowing they would indeed survive. 

I didn't know that at that time they would be born 3 1/2 months prematurely and be diagnosed with cerebral palsy rendering them with the inability to walk. Born 1 lb 14 ozs, 2 lbs 4 ozs and their entire hand the size of my thumb nail my twin daughters are truly miracles in the truest sense of the word. For many weeks and months I was advised the girls would not survive. A Mother's heart always knows otherwise." ~ Nancy Battye, Vancouver, Canada

"Received a huge miracle by being able to return to Sedona for the 2nd time this year! Also got to visit Scottsdale for the first time. While there, I met some incredible new friends and was exposed to some of the things they are doing to help and assist humanity. I am forever humbled to be a part of their group." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Today I was driving on a very busy road in Taipei city. Usually it is very hard to find a parking space around that busy area, so I asked my angel to help me! After I send out the request for free parking space, immediately, I saw a man walking toward my car and then he drove away his car. So, I got a free parking space!! I love my angel~ :)"  ~ Jean, Taipei, Taiwan

"A friend of mine called and said he has tickets to an upcoming concert and offered one of the tickets to me for free! Awesome!" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"Today my 12 year old son cooked dinner for us and yesterday my 7 year old daughter helped make soup. Both were so tasty! I'm so grateful they are exposed to cooking so early in life."
~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"My friend invited me to go to Changsha with her yesterday. After talking to me, she booked and paid the flight for me. So, I am in Changsha now. Very grateful to receive this gift. I am going to explore this beautiful city in the next few days." ~ Jean, Changsha, China

"I had a fly on my drivers side window just before getting on the highway this morning. I watched as it held on for about 30 seconds before letting go. I was amazed how it kept holding on for so long and seemed like it couldn't let go. I was reminded that we are all faced with challenges everyday whether big or small. It's important for us to let go, to be present and stay in the flow. If we hold onto the challenges, they don't go away. When we allow them to be and allow the experience to happen, miracles present and things get better. It's like we don't need to solve anything, the solutions just present themselves. This fly was my reminder to stay present today." ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"There are two empty seats beside me when I flew back from LA to Taiwan, so I got a lot of space for me to rest and sleep during 13 hours flight! ; ) After I landed in Taiwan, I got a chance to go on miracle sharing call which held in US. I was so happy to talk to Samia, Lisa, big Al and others. By hearing their miracles..immediately brought my energy higher~ I feel Joy and Love! ; ) " ~ Jean, Taipei, Taiwan

"This morning when I woke up I was immediately surprised by a beautiful light reflection of a heart on my ceiling. Thank you so much for this gift!" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I haven't eat Japanese food for two weeks~Yesterday my friend took me to a very nice Japanese restaurant and the food was so delicious!! In the end, my friend paid the food for me~ ; ) After dinner~ He took us to Aster Cafe to eat delicious brownie!! ; ) I love it~ By the way, he paid for us again! He is our food & beverage angel tonight! ; )" ~ Jean, Minneapolis, USA

"I put on my favorite pair of shorts today and was carrying a tray of chicken which ended up spilling a bit of oil on them. I felt myself starting to get upset that they may stain then let it go and was going to change shorts but became occupied. 10 mins later I looked down and the stain was gone."
~ Amanda, Thornhill, Canada

"I always love to bike in the park in US~ Just now...My friend is inviting me to bike in the park, and she will lend me a bike~ HAPPY & EXCITED~: )" ~ Jean, Minneapolis, USA

"The weather was calling for rain on the weekend of my daughter's birthday party. I was checking daily and it said thunder showers for the day of the party. Everytime I checked, I asked my angels to clear it and give us a beautiful sunny day. When I checked the day before the party, it changed and said sunny all day! We enjoyed a great afternoon with family and friends outdoors. Best of all, my daughter really enjoyed her party :) ~ Albert, Toronto, Ontario

"I wanted to see a movie called " Going the Distance" in Taiwan, but I never got a chance~ Yesterday..My friend, Claire, she rent it for me without asking me~ Yeah!!" ~ Jean, Minneapolis, USA

"I got a bicycle for free today!!! :) yeah~~" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"My little brother left our front door open the other day while our bird was out of its cage and he flew outside. We didn't notice for some time then when we realized, the bird was gone. We searched everywhere. Days went by and we went looking and asking our neighbors if they had seen it. A week later, a young boy was posting flyers that he had found a bird with a contact number. I told him I had lost my bird and he told me to call his parents. I called and described my bird and was told they had him. I was soon reunited with my friend. I thanked them for taking good care of him." ~ Anita, Toronto, Canada

"Today my son at only 11 yrs old cut and trimmed the grass without being asked. A miracle no one could have asked for. Feeling so blessed and grateful to be have him in my life."
~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I needed a nice blazer to attend a birthday celebration on the weekend so I went to a store the same day. I got to the store and the security guard told me they were closing in 5 mins. I was a little disappointed then he turned and smiled and said I can still go in. I smiled and thanked him while I rushed to the men's section. The first blazer I looked at was perfect! I was in and out of the store in 5 mins:) As I walked out, I thanked my brother again and wished him a great night."
~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"Today, one of my biggest dreams came true. I have always been a Porsche fanatic and today a good friend of mine gave me a great gift by giving me the opportunity to drive one. It was a brand new 911 Carrera Convertible. The sun was out, we had the top down and I had a smile from ear to ear. It was truly a blessing to experience driving such an incredible car." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I am a survivor of a major Traumatic Brain Injury, coma, and eventually relearning everything over again at 21... YEARS later, I wrote and published a book called, "My Miracle" that can be seen on" ~ Rodney Barnes, Florida, USA

"I just opened my car insurance renewal and noticed it's $45 less per month. This is the first time my rates have gone down since I've had insurance! I'm so thrilled!" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"I was driving on the highway ealier today when I notcied a beautiful hawk sitting on top of a fence near the side of the road. I quickly pulled over and immediatelly grabbed my camera to take pictures. I spent 15 minutes enjoying this hawk as it sat just 20 short feet away! I thanked it for bringing me peace and smiled as it flew away." ~ Sara, Toronto, Canda

"Today I received a call from a friend inviting me on a trip to California on a private jet all expenses paid for a weekend! I love it, so many miracles always happening around me:)"
~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I was thinking of asking for a salary increase but didn't know how to approach my employer. I decided to put it out there and imagined the amount of increase I would like then let it go. Today, the owner called me into his office and congratulated me on a job well done and told me he was giving me a raise! He then proceeded to tell me the amount and it was very close to the amount I had imagined.
~ Amanda, Thornhill, Canada

"I was in a clothing store today trying on some pants when I looked down and saw a $20 bill on the floor. What an incredible gift from the Universe!" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"I was sitting in my living room when I noticed two doves had landed on my back deck railing and were just sitting there peacefully. I watched them as they sat unaffected by the cold and they also looked over at me sometimes as well. It was as though they were saying hello! I thanked them for coming and making me smile." ~ Anna, Toronto, Canda

"Today I discovered a beautiful park forest not far from my home and decided to go snowshoeing. I spent an incredible 2 hours in nature and felt so present as I was walking. It felt like I was viewing everything from a different view point and really became connected. I am so grateful!"
~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Woke up two days in a row to the sound of laughter. My daughter and her Grandma. Blissful mornings!!" ~ Loree, Calgary, Canada

"My wife left her keys in a door to our underground parking. It had all of her work related keys, a memory stick and an ID card on the same key ring. It was worth over $300 to replace not to mention trouble at her work for loosing them. I asked my angels to help find them. I got a call several hours later from a man who found them. We got her keys back safe and sound. What a miracle. Thank you." ~ Justin, Toronto, Canada

"I was at the airport checking my luggage in to return home when the attendant told me my bag was over weight by 13lbs. he said it would be an additional charge of $50 or I could move some things around between my check in bag and carry on. I felt this would be effortful so I decided to give him my credit card to charge the amount. He returned within a few minutes and said 'Good news, we will not be charging you today!' I smiled and said thank you:)" ~ Steve, Toronto, Canada

"Tonight I went for a jog on the beach barefoot while listening to great music on my ipod and hearing the waves of the ocean in the background. On my way back, I walked near the shore getting my feet wet when the waves came in. So grateful." ~ Albert, Cancun, Mexico

"I was running late for an appointment this evening and as I was driving, I remember thinking how I was upset for missing my workout today and really wished I had gone. I didn't even realize I got on the highway without getting gas as my car suddenly started loosing speed then came to a hault. I immediately started to laugh realizing I had created this situation and that I have a choice in how I react. I enjoyed the long walk to the gas station even though it was a crisp cold night, it allowed me to enjoy the exercise I was craving:)" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"I feel so blessed for the time I spent catching up with my family this holday season. I get so busy during the year that I sometimes forget how important it is to connect with loved ones. This year was really special as everyone had a great time together and shared so much fun and laughter."
~ Sara, Vancouver, Canda

"This holiday my son said I'm his Best Friend Super Pal. When I asked him why he felt like saying those words, he replied that they were the letters from my license plate. I'm so grateful he chose me as his father:)" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Today I received a phone call from a company I had interviewed with letting me know they wanted to hire me and were willing to give me the rate I asked for! This is a great miracle for the holidays and I am truly grateful." ~ Amanda, Thornhill, Canada

"A friend of mine who I haven't spoken to in a while called to catch up and shared that he recently was diagnosed with a serious illness. I told him not to worry about it and that all will be perfect for his healing. A couple of days went by and I was eating at a Chinese restaurant and when I opened my fortune cookie, I couldn't beleive what I read. It said 'Your friends health problems will be taken care of'. I called him that same day and he started to share that he had been back to the doctor and he had been mis-diagnosed. His problem was very minor and would be treated very quickly. I proceeded to tell him what had happened with my fortune cookie and he started to cry then thanked me. I told him I was grateful for this miracle." ~ Nick, Richmond Hill, Canada

"Life is wonderful and amazing! I received so many miracles everyday and everywhere, I feel so blessed and loved that I m surrounding by lots of wonderful friends and they are all so loving and loveable! I learned a lots from everyone and their unconditional love leads me and give me support! it is so truth that we dont have to worry about anything cause God love me so much, the only thing I need to do is just trust, be a pan, let God do the writing~ I feel grateful to all, Thank you so much for being! Thank you so much for sharing your miracle! thank you so much for being the miracle here and now! xoxo" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"Tonight, I was blessed to be invited to a celebration by a great friend. They had Belly and Brazillian dancers and a fantastic feast! I was introduced to many beautiful people including some key people in the city that can open a lot of doors for me. As I glanced over to my friend by the bar where he was talking to a friend, I couldn't help noticing something very familiar. I later realized that he moved around the room just like my father did when I was a little boy. He was loved by everyone and had many friends. He was always the life of the party at family functions. This was a great memory that came to me on the eve of his birthday. He would have be turning 79 tomorrow.

The time I spent with my firend this evening was not with him as a friend so much but I truly believe my father came to him and asked if he could share his body to be able to spend time with me. I never had the opportunity to spend time with my father as an adult so this meant a great deal to me. I am so thankful for this gift!" ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"Yesterday I decided to buy a lotto ticket. I rarely ever play lotto but had a feeling I should purchase a ticket. I chose 3 numbers for my birth date and 3 for a woman I care about. Today I checked my numbers and won $48 on a $2 investment. I'm so happy I listened to my intuition."
~ Mike, Toronto, Canada

"I was invited to a friends place for dinner tonight where he and his wife prepared a tasty meal for us. I watched as they prepared our meal with so much love, it was a beautiful moment. We shared really great conversation while we ate. I am grateful for these wonderful friends." ~ Clare, Toronto, Ontario

"Today a great friend of mine called and offered me 2 tickets to a hockey game. I graciously accepted and called another great friend to invite him. We had such an amazing time! Its an amazing feeling when I go with the flow and allow things to show up!" ~ Trevor, Toronto, Canada

"I took some time away from the city recently to relax and do some clearing. While there I enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine with a great meal. After my meal, I sat reading a great book and then suddenly started to feel like I was going to be ill. I went to the bathroom and immediately released all I had eaten. It was really weird as I didn't feel any pain around being ill. I heard myself ask why this had happened then an answer was revealed. A voice said "it's time, you don't need to drink anymore". This answer felt so clear and I had a knowing that I was being guided. I am so grateful to be hearing my guides communicate with me more and more." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"This weekend I was blessed again with the opportunity to stay in a chalet in Collingwood with some great friends. We had such an amazing time together sharing great conversations around a fireplace. I felt the energy shift while we shared ideas. I know we are going to help change the world! So grateful." ~ Albert, Toronto, Canada

"One day while cleaning my kitchen/office I noticed I had picked up alot of pennies. I thought to myself; WOW Thats alot of Pennies. I wondered How many Pennies I would have if I had saved all my Pennies all my life. Instantly I knew the answer. I'd be rich. I closed my hand over the pennies and asked myself. "What would I do if I was rich"? I opened my eyes and started to cry as I wrote these words, "sEnD mE a pEnNy" and I promise you and you and you too, all over the world to make these 47 PROMISES COME TRUE. I started to write these wonderful promises while crying tears of joy. For these promises were writen in (1) hour. I had been blessed and each day I see this miracle growing. Each day people help me help other people. please see for yourself by googling 47 promises. All promises will come true." ~ Anthony, Venice Beach, USA

"I have always wanted to meet Sir Richard Branson as I think he is a very loving being and a brilliant business leader. I was able to sit 4th row from the front at a talk he gave in Toronto today. I sat and listened as he shared his love and passion with us. This man shared some incredible upcoming projects that will change the world! I also got to spend a great time with 2 of my best friends!"
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"The last weekend Bijan's seminar was a true miracle. I have got so much out of it, especially being with all of you- my brothers and sisters and feeling so much love. Let the miracle continue..."
~ Ela, Toronto, Canada

"I had a wonderful time in Toronto, everyone's energy got so high and were so happy together. I feel joyful just simpliy being with everyone. I feel so lucky had the chance working with everyone as well! Thank you~ My flight went back to Honolulu got delayed and I didnt know how and when will I arrived home. that day's lesson was "I let go and let God" I had the chance to experience this lesson totally, and had the chance to fly to Seattle. Now I m safe home and feel grateful! ya~~love and light to everyone!" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to put together a seminar for Bijan and Kamal. I look back 5 years from now and look at where I was and how much growth I have had being in Bijan's seminars. I started as a participant in the room 5 years ago then volunteered in serveral events afterwards to now being responsible for the event management. I am so grateful and humbled from the experience!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"Still remember the first time I went to Clear to Manifest seminar, I wrote that I want to clear a belief system "I cant travel by myself" I thought HK and now, just several days ago I went to LA and now I m going to Toronto. I dont know how it happened at the begining, I just go with the flow. I feel so bless and loved just being. I feel speechless every moments. And I m so lucky that I receive so many gifts and love during each trip, thank you everyone, Thank you God~ I believe the love you gave will be received by you soon again~love and light to everyone" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"I went to the gym this evening and when I was on the treadmill, there was a power failure and it immediately stopped. The emergency lights turned on giving some light but was still a little dark. Some people decided to leave. I could have walked out but I chose to stay and train with weights and had an amazing workout!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"This is the most busy time for my school, lots of paper I need to do, yet I do it effortlessly and with joy. Meanwhile my miracles are blooming everyday! I m going to LA and Canada on octorber! for some people it might not be a miracle, yet for me, when I look at how much I have grown and growing, and how much I have let go, and just stay happy. I m fulfilled with joyful for myself and grateful to everyone who have helped me and being with me! I feel so blessed and loved, this kind of feeling is far beyond word. Yet everything is really that simple, just having the desire, then everything showa up for you! Life is amazing! I love everyone! and thank you so much for being!" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"A great friend asked me to spend the night and watch her dog as she was going out of town and didn't have anyone to watch him until the next day. I agreed and stayed the night in her beautiful home surrounded by over 100 acres of forest and farmland. I was able to spend some much needed time alone reflecting and working on my book. I also got to play with her incredible wonder dog who shows you that life is meant to be playful!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"I have started my new life here for 60 days now, everything is so wonderful and amazing! I feel so blessed that I m so close to nature and feel their love for me everyday, being in "out of control" and just trusting have brought lots of miracles in my life! and I feel I m getting higher and higher each day! Thank you God, thanks everyone in this world. I love you" ~ Elsa, Honolulu, USA

"Today I was putting something in my trunk while parked in a plaza and set my keys down then closed the truck locking myself out. There was a gas station near by so I went there to see if any tow trucks were around. There was a CAA driver filling up there. He took me over and unlocked my door right away. He then took me back to the gas station to the ATM as he did not accept credit cards. When I entered the gas station, I noticed the ATM was out of order. The employee at the counter noticed I needed money and told me he could run a purchase through and give me back cash. When I went to pay the tow truck driver $50 which he has already discounted from the normal rate of $60, he gave me back $10. This whole experience was handled in only 20 mins. I was totally taken care of!"
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"In Sedona I got the message and I knew I need to talk to my "difficult brother" whom I usually avoid for years about going to a Zen Master retreat in Nov. After 3 weeks vacation in USA, I received my friend's email about registering the retreat to ensure the seats. My ego came right up to try to say how difficult it would be then I told it to shut up and I asked my angels to help me. I walked over to my mom's house and waiting for the elevator. As the door opened there is my brother. I told him about the whole story and he gladly accepted my invitation. It is so effortless when I hand everything to the universe. I love how it! Thank you God, Thank you my lovely brother and everyone to show me once again how easy and beautiful life can be." ~ Tiffany, Hong Kong

"Through a series of small miracles over the course of a year, I came home today to a beautiful sugar maple tree planted in my backyard free of charge! The miracles started with a neighbor passing on the right person's contact info after our house was missed for a tree planting. I was previously told by my builder that I could not have one due to city bylaws with underground wires and distances to street light poles on the boulevard. This individual does not even work for my builder but went out of his way to make me happy. I am truly grateful that he showed up to assist me. I now get to enjoy sitting in my yard watching the birds in my tree!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"Today I experienced an awareness and rebirth through the miracle of a dear Friend. Through this I have become aware as to why time exisits. That past and future don't matter in the grand scheme of things, because Time doesn't know what past and future are...Time is always in the Present itself! A moment that we shared last year has come full circle as a Miracle. This has become my present Miracle, and it will stay with me for all time! I Love You!" ~ Christine, Toronto, Canada

"My wife and I have been dreaming about having our own house instead of renting but didn't think we'd have a chance to get one. Within a month of asking our angels for help we got a house. We close on August 20th 2010. Then friends and family appeared helping us with everything from renovations to furniture to moving itself. It has been effortless and filled with peace. It's even going to be less expensive to own our own place versus renting. What more could we ask for... oh yeah... we are even getting new hardwood floors put in and got it financed through our mortgage thanks to our amazing mortgage broker. Loving life!" ~ Justin, Toronto, CA

"I was invited to an event in Venice Beach called 'A Miracle Walk on the Beach' to raise money for the homeless. I had asked my angels if I was meant to be there, I wanted it to show up effortlessly and with low cost. That same day I was able to manifest almost the entire cost of my flight without doing much. I decided that was my answer and I needed to be there. I felt so grateful to take part in the walk and help out at the booth. There were so many miracles I witnessed for a lot of people that day. I was then invited up on stage to talk about the Miracle Sharing website then interviewed for an upcoming documentary. All of this happened in a 24hr period! So blessed!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"So many miracles came to me on my trip back from Sedona, one of the nicest being that I called my dad on my cell while driving, and we had such a great talk! I can't even explain it, I never even would have dreamed it was possible. It was like we were old friends who see that they decided to be father/son, and all the hurts and thoughts and delusions just melted away. I got to tell him how I really feel about him, and he got so silent and present (not his usual state!) and thanked me. And everytime something else would come up for me to say to him, I would say it, and it would just melt away any gunk there, and he would thank me again. It was so great! As Bijan would say, I don't want to OD on this, but is was such a blessing. We were laughing and having such a good time. He was telling me all sorts of things, about the truth of ourselves, and I was just listening. Thank you, God"
~ Ivan, Oregan, USA

"Today I was blessed to come across a lemonade stand. Two beautiful little girls were at the table and greeted me with such an incredible smile and politely asked if I would purchase a cup of lemonade for 75 cents. They had 3 flavors.. regular, lime, & cherry. I chose lime and handed one of the girls $4. She proceeded to count out change then I told her she could keep it. She then asked "Are you sure? I replied "Yes, it's for you." They both gave me another big smile and said thank you. I felt so much love & joy from these two girls, it completely made my day!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"My two children are TRUE MIRACLES! As I connect with them and simply just observe them I get to witness miracles unfolding through them moment by moment. It is truly incredible to have the opportunity to watch a child grow from birth to adulthood physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We can learn a lot by simply observing children. They are TRUE MIRACLES and THE GREATEST TEACHERS!!!" ~ Rosanna, Oakville, Canada

"It's a miracle that we have instant access to friends far and near! Let your inner light shine, shine, shine everyone! XOXO" ~ Iping, Toronto, Canada

"Just got back from another great Miracle Share event! Enjoyed listening and sharing with the group. As we were leaving, we noticed a festival right outside the building. I experienced fantastic food from 3 different countries while having a great conversation with a friend. A perfect way to end the evening!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"A friend that I hadn't seen in a year called and invited me over to catch up. When I arrived, she had another friend over that I hadn't seen in a while also. They were preparing a delicious feast for us. We enjoyed a great meal and conversation together. I felt so much love and was so grateful for the two of them being in my life. One of them reminded me that life is so short and we need to make sure we spend time with people we care about and let them know they are loved." ~ Adrian, Toronto, Canada

"Tomorrow I will move far away from home, away from everything I know and my family and friends, I feel so grateful to all, and looking forward to new life and the unknown, thank universe always supporting me and providing me, and thank everyone being with me and enjoying the world together, love for everyone" ~ Elsa, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

"My miracle is that I get to wake up everyday and the minute I open my eyes, I feel truly blessed and grateful that I am here on this journey. It's another day that I get to experience all the joy that's available to me. I am overwhelmed with miracles everyday that I get to live in this body and I am truly grateful for all my blessings. Everyday is a gift!" ~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"I have been wanting to go on a trip for some time now but had a lot of stuff come up around not having money to pay for it. The moment I let that feeling go and started trusting the Universe again is when the trip showed up fully paid for. Thank you Universe for having my back!"
~ Robert, LA, USA

"Today as I was driving, I noticed a hawk that was playing with a smaller bird. The smaller bird appeared to be chasing the hawk like they were having a game of chase. It was so refreshing to see them playing." ~ Sandra, Toronto, Canada

"I took a trip to HongKong which was really amazing and is a great miracle for me, and I found myself more allowing and so peaceful now.Now I m working and my boss isn't here,and I have nothing to do just sit here and sharing,enjoy eating eggs in my mouth and every breathe. Thank you God and I love you all" ~ Elsa, Taipei, Taiwan

"Just got back from another awesome Miracle Share event in Toronto. As I was leaving the parking garage, I was told I didn't have to pay. What a great way to end the evening!"
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"Since I start to read Effortless Prosperity, everything is turly effortless!and peaceful! I feel so blessed and joyful! Today a car suddently hit me so hard when I was driving slowly across the road,and I m fine!my motocylce is totally fine too! I enjoy the air around me and the wind on the way home! thank angels being with me and I am so happy that I can breathe freely and being alive! Thank you all my brothers and sisters, I love you~" ~ Elsa, Taipei, Taiwan

"Hello, I would very much like to share my miracle with you! Back in 1991, I had an accident which caused me to experience a major Traumatic Brain Injury, coma, and eventually relearning everything over again when I was 21 years old. Thank God, I am a survivor and moving forward with my life... This accident was a wake-up call for me. Leading up to the age of 21, I never really had an outlook on my future; like I do now. It has been 18 years since the accident, I have received a Forestry and a Youth Ministry degree, and am going for my third degree. I wish, hope, and pray that all survivors of TBI's can move forward as I did and be very proud to be alive..."
~ Rodney, St. Petersburg, Pinellas, USA

"The greatest miracle in the world and we must never forget is all of us. ( enjoy the miracle ) Thank you for a great site." ~ Scott, Toronto, Canada

"I am grateful to Jennifer and all my beautiful soul sisters for all the great miracles they shared with me throughout the entire "The Vital You weekends course. Thank you beautiful Jennifer for such an amazing experience. My miracle is just saying yes. Hold on world , here I come. Thank you universe for having my back." ~ Lisa, Bradford, Canada

"Miracles are around me and in me,I feel so blessed to see everyone's miracles!and I m agree with Ivy and wanna thank you for sharing Bijan's video on youtube!Send more seed to many people included me.I had a wonderful Chinese New Year vacation with family and notice that I start to creat things just like that,its so amazing~!I feel wonderful ,powerful and peaceful!thank you,I love you"
~ Elsa, Taipei, Taiwan

"I think this site is a miracle and I believe it we will create the greatest miracle of all. (World Peace now and forever.)" ~ Scott Hood, Toronto, Canada

"I am relaxing with one of my younger brothers at home today. He is still having his Chinese New Year break. All of a sudden he questions if he has paid his credit card bill. He checks and it has been paid. He then said, "Bijan says that he pays his bill as soon as he receives it." This guy subtly follows Bijan's way without remembering that he did. To me, you never know how much you have done to change ones' behavior, and hence lfie. He listened to Bijan once last November involuntarily, anyhow the seed was planted. He is now experiencing a lot less stress, and leaving much more time for his humorous being to show up, especially during this CNY break. I just love his sense of humor. I am so grateful for EP." ~ Ivy, Hong Kong

"I woke up this morning with the thought of making some extra money. I checked on some items I had for sale online and within 3 hours, they were all sold! One item was picked up 4 hours later, the 2nd one is being picked up tomorrow evening and the 3rd will be picked up on the following day."
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"100 Miracles! I'm so excited and grateful to be a part of this community of sharing. This website is for all of us and continues to spread awareness of all that is available to us everyday!"
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"Watching this website grow is a miracle. It is an honour to work with Albert Belo and to share this website with our world. Thank you for helping me live my purpose to inspire people to clearly express and share their vision as Albert has done here." ~ Justin, Toronto, Canada

"I am so blessed at all the beautiful reminders around me to show me how far I've come on my journey to honouring me. I can see my ego for what it is and I can feel my heart for all the love it shares. This is my wonderful miracle today." ~ Jeannie, Stouffville, Canada

"My miracle has been to experience stepping 'out of time' and having beautiful, perfect 'timing' happen with me, to me and all around me. Awesome and fun! Lots of love to myself, everyone. :)" ~ Sasha, Toronto, Canada

"Just got back from the Miracle share group that was held in Toronto by Albert. I had a Blast hearing all the wonderful Miracles everyone shared, it is truly a Blessing to be apart of this growing community. Thank you, to all that were there, you all Inspire Me! Wow! it feels great to be around liked minded people for a few hours, keep sharing people, spread the Love. I Love you." ~ Sasha.M, Ajax, Canada

"I have dreamed of going on a private jet for at least 20 years and this week my dream came true. The funny thing is I manifested this in only 2 short months. The miracles I experienced on this trip were unlimited throughout the entire experience. The jet I had dreamed of going on was very similar to the jet I was on, including the same interior. The jet traveled over 500 MPH at 39000 feet. I was invited to ride in the cockpit with the pilots and learn all about flying. We flew to Atlanta which was my first time. The flight was only 2 hours which would normally be a 17 hour drive! I had my own hotel room in the Doubletree Hotel. All meals were included. We even went for dinner at a fine restaurant. And to think the trip didn't cost me anything:)"
~ Albert, Bradford, Canada

"I feel so high.Feel like everyday is vacation for me.wonderful friends arround me,beautiful things happening everyday,and so many good movies waiting for people to enjoy.I feel so blessed looking at everyone's miracles!Thank you~I love you!!" ~ Elsa, Taipei, Taiwan

"I am extremely blessed to have such an amazing husband & kids. My husband has showed me what love really means & how to enjoy life. My beautiful children have allowed me to see life with such innocent eyes & allowed me to feel unconditional love. For the first time in a long time, I am enoying life & I appreciate everyone & everything that has been created. I THANK the universe for bringing my husband into my life & for my children choosing me for their mother. I appreciate & love them very much!!!!!" ~ Ana, Bradford, Canada

"My miracle is the beautiful people surrounding my life. The support, the love and the unconditional friendship that makes this journey so much fun and that much juicier!"
~ Jeannie, Stouffville