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After doing my weekend I felt an unbelievable, undeniable, and unfathomable sense of empowerment, purpose and belonging in my life.

I went into the weekend feeling weak, confused, and complacent; somewhat not unlike the boy I remembered while growing up - scared, nervous, and afraid to grow up.

Coming out of the weekend, learning what I learned, accepting who I was and what I was capable of achieving within my life, I finally felt like a real person; a man firmly grounded, ready to embrace the world, and equally ready to allow the world and universe to unconditionally embrace me back.


What I received from my weekend was a sense of relief from all the pent up emotions that I bottled up inside me.

This weekend gave me the ability to release the pressure not unlike releasing the cap of a shook up pop bottle.

As I began my training from the team meetings on how to use the tools from the weekend, I was able to learn more of how to release the pressure that I so willingly began to mount up again.

This was the most valuable of tools I needed in my life because I would only realize such pressure to the people in my life when I was quite loaded with alcohol. This caused heart break and embarrassment for me. Not to mention the effect it would have on my peers.

Now that I have got a better handle on this tool (it almost took ten years of learning and relearning) I am proud to say that I have not had an episode of verbal diarrhea since I do not have to drink to release such nastiness.
I am proud to be on this team since it takes me so much time to learn that I can trust other people in my life. This too is another tool that I am still working on.


What I got out of my LD was a sense of purpose; and the knowledge that I had a group of Men that would help me towards my goal.

* I got company on my journey.
* I got a homecoming.
* I got the knowledge that all my emotions are ok.
* It changed my life by giving me role models and leaders.
* It changed my life by giving me the opportunity to be a role model and a leader.


The most significant thing I received from my Legacy Discovery event was my Purpose in Life - To use my love to serve humanity and by the way I live, inspire everyone around me to make a difference in the world.

I have been drawn to volunteering for a lot of years but I never understood why. Once my purpose surfaced, all of the work I do outside of my regular job became clear as to why I do it. Whenever I have a problem with a time conflict I overlay my situations over my purpose and whatever fits in with my purpose better is the choice for me. Having my purpose being clear allows me to be focused on things that serve my calling and there is a lot of freedom in that.

The other main thing that I came away with was how short life really is and that I really have a short amount of time to make an impact. This lesson came to me in a very simple lesson. I am very grateful for it as it causes me to make the most out of every day and truly appreciate what I have.


The single most important thing I got from the LD was via the Forgiveness exercise. I learned that to hold my anger, hurt, etc, only hurt me in the long run.

As a result I have forgiven everyone in my life who did some act that hurt enough for me to carry it embedded in my psyche (?). Forgiveness allowed me to empty my soul of all the negative emotions, and to renew relationships and love for those people.


I found my strength as the man I am, defined my purpose even more and was able to forgive everyone in my life that I held any resentment towards. Now when I walk into a crowded room I feel like a commanding man who has the responsibility of speaking out for the higher and greater good.

It wasn't always that way though; before I did the LD I still felt like a boy in a room full of adults who some how projected the energy of authority over me. I would get taken advantage of because I lived as a naive persona. My creativity, intellect and love were missed if not stomped on by many people from all parts of my life. I could only see the negative side of my situations and undervalued myself considerably.

Now I am a leader in my home, work and community. With the wake up call I gave myself when I experienced my legacy discovery I started growing and learning how I wanted to live my life. I leveraged my inner power through my talents, skills and voice to achieve many successes in my life and that of other people. I have an incredibly paying job, a beautiful loving wife and a circle of men, women and family that share there lives with me on a daily basis. I am living the law of attraction and manifesting fantastic dreams, wants and goals on a moment to moment basis. The LD also gave me access to my men through my weekly circle and all of my men at the International level. I hope every man gets to experience the LD even if he only gets one single win from it.


I released a lot of anger and immaturity I had been holding on to for years. I stepped out of boyhood and into manhood and began a great adventure in life with this new outlook on things. Since taking the weekend I have opened my own dream business and made vast steps towards my dream career.


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