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Read the Release of Liability Agreement 010710 PDF

Fully complete, review and submit the registration form.
A green bar will appear reading

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your payment according to your location.
When you choose the payment amount and click the Pay Now button you will be sent to a secure PayPal payment page.


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You will receive a receipt via email from PayPal
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You will be contacted by a Legacy Discovery volunteer after completing steps 1 to 3 to confirm your registration is completed with success.

When a man makes a commitment, the world moves to accommodate him...

Men who make a commitment to attend their Legacy Discovery will receive the following:

  • A confirmation email including specific event details.

Participants should plan their schedule so that they can complete registration in time and be ready to begin the event at 6:00PM on the first day.  The event will complete by 6:00PM on the third day. Guests and love ones are invited to attend the Completion Ceremony.

  • Directions to the Legacy Discovery and the Completion Ceremony site.

Directions to both events will be given to you prior to the event, usually by your sponsor.  If you have any questions or concerns talk with your sponsor or contact us.

  • An invoice listing the entire tuition and methods of payment.

Tuition varies depending on the date and location of your event, but ranges between $300 and $450.  $100 of this tuition fee is a non-refundable registration fee and is due when submitting this form.  The balance is due no later than fourteen (14) days before the date of your event. Payments can be made by credit card, cash, check or money order.

  • An opportunity to pay by credit card (internet access required)

Credit card payments are processed through PayPal.  Be sure to include your email address and we will email instructions to you.  Credit card payments can only be made for the full tuition amount.



Register For Your Legacy Discovery!

Authorization of Payment and Commitment to Attend
I understand that by submitting this form I am making a commitment to attend and complete the Legacy Discovery on the date selected on this form, and that I am authorizing you to send me an invoice to make payment for this Legacy Discovery.

abiword.pngI also understand that by submitting this form I confirm that I have read, understand and agree with the Release of Liability Agreement 010710 PDF I agree that I will be expected to sign a printed copy of this agreement at the event and prior to my participation in any event activities.

This form is secure and your information is completely safe. We will never use any information for any purpose other than to respond to your inquiry about Legacy Discovery.  Your personal information, details, questions and comments are kept private and are only shared with those men in our organization that are committed to serving you and helping you discover your legacy.

* Please do not use commas on the form below.
* There is a 255 character limit on each form field.

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If You Are Not Married Are You In A Relationship?
If Married Or In A Relationship How Many Years?
Number Of Children
Emergency Contact Name
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List Any Medical / Psychological Conditions
Do You Have Any Special Needs?
Do You Have A Sponsor?
If Sponsor List Info: Name / Division / Phone / Email
Payment Method Preferred
If Other Payment Please Describe
Describe Your Purpose For Attending?
What Do You Want To Achieve By Attending?
How Do You Expect This To Affect Your Life?
I Have Read And Agree To Our Release-of-Liability-MDI-LD-Agreement- 010710-PDF *
Current Date (Month/Day/Year)

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