A Legacy of Voluntary
Service to Others

Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers. 

We gather together in many areas of North America to support men to live a life of purpose and integrity. 

The volunteers who will be creating your Legacy Discovery are themselves graduates of their own Legacy Discovery, and are required to complete a rigorous training program before they are given the responsibility and privilege of serving men like you.

More About Legacy Discovery

Legacy Discovery Logo MapLegacy Discovery is based on the collective wisdom of men which includes your own unique and valuable wisdom.  It is a personal exploration of this wisdom which has been discovered over centuries, and which is alive in every man today.  It is not a workshop or a lecture, nor is it a grueling test of strength, but rather it is a fun and challenging event for any man who is ready to confront whatever may be holding him back from being the man he wants to be.

Legacy Discovery begins on Friday evening at 6:00PM and ends on Sunday evening at approximately 6:00PM. 

Tuition includes on-site lodging Friday through Sunday, as well as meals on Saturday and Sunday.  You will eat and sleep in a camp-like setting that includes heated cabins, comfortable beds, and hot showers.  While not a retreat in the traditional sense, you will have opportunities to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Legacy Discovery will be led by a trained team of men with experiences similar to yours.  The event will be short on lecture and long on participation.  This participation includes working as teams, working as an individual, confronting emotional and intellectual challenges, enjoying fun and physical activites, and facing the truth about yourself. 

The entire event is designed to bring you into deeper awareness of who you are as a man and how you relate to the world.  It is physically and emotionally safe and no one will be required to do anything against their will.  Having said that, we strongly encourage you to push through whatever resistance you may experience and participate fully so that you receive full benefit.

Any man over 18 years old may participate regardless of his physical condition.

In order for your registration to be accepted you must be sponsored by a man who has completed Legacy Discovery or a similiar event.  This sponsor will be available to answer any questions, help with details, and prepare you for this life-changing experience.  If you do not know a man who has completed Legacy Discovery please CONTACT US and we will put you in touch with one of our volunteer sponsors.

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