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Jim Pagiamtzis shares Networking at Enterprise Toronto
Jim Pagiamtzis shares PAR at PMTMC event on Sept 30th
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing PAR at TFN in Jan 2011
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing PAR Strategy at Canada Job Expo 2011
Jim  Pagiamtzis shares Business Card Holder for the Pro on  the Go
Jim  Pagiamtzis explaining Business Card Holder for the Pro on the Go
Jim Pagiamtzis on That sharing on Networking
Jim Pagiamtzis shares PAR Strategy at Business Connections Feb 7,2013 at Old Mill
Jim Pagiamtzis shares PAR  Strategy at Trios College  2013
Jim Pagiamtzis shares PAR Strategy at Tom Kaufmann event
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing 3 Networking Tips at Business Connections 2012
Jim Pagiamtzis shares How to become a Professional Inviter
Follow up strategies
Jim Pagiamtzis  shares Follow up strategy
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Follow-up Strategies
Jim Pagiamtzis shares Ultimate Follow-up Story
Jim Pagiamtzis speaking on Activity based management system
Jim Pagiamtzis shares  networking and body language
Jim Pagiamtzis shares on you  a connector?
Jim Pagiamtzis asking are you sharing diversity?
Jim Pagiamtzis launching Blogtalk radio show
Jim Pagiamtzis at LinkedIn conference in 2012
Jim Pagiamtzis explaining LinkedIn Sept 2011
 Social Media
Jim Pagiamtzis shares Social Capital at ESN Newmarket
Jim Pagiamtzis shares Power of Email marketing
Jim Pagiamtzis shares 3 keys to email marketing at ESN January 27,2012  1st talk Constant Contact
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Social Campaigns
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Marketing Made Simple
Jim Pagiamtzis shares Power  of Email Marketing at event
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social capital defines you
Jim Pagiamtzis speaking on the power of Raving Fan!
Phil Taylor interviews Jim Pagiamtzis on Networking strategies
Duane Browne interviews  Jim Pagiamtzis on PAR Strategy
Jim Pagiamtzis , Patrick Bizindavyi and Rania Effat talking about blogging
Jim Pagiamtzis interview Matt Green
Jim Pagiamtzis intervies Tony Estevez about new book
Jim Pagiamtzis interview Babatunde
Jim Pagiamtzis interview Aline Ayoub
Jim Pagiamtzis interviews Tom Kaufmann at SBF in Oct 2012
Brandon Krieger interviews Jim Pagiamtzis
Jim Pagiamtzis interviews J. Brett Abbey on 3 tips to become an effective presenter
Tom Kaufmann speaking at ESN in Toronto Part 1
Tom Kauffmann speaking at ESn in Toronto  part 2
Jim Pagiamtzis speaking at JPL on Mentorship
Jim  Pagiamtzis speaking on Mentorship at Scarborough event
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing on Blogging at PodCamp 2013
Sales  Success Strategies
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Marketing Plan
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Social Media Challenge
Jim Pagiamtzis 100 days at Camaraderie Coworking
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing at Patio Power event Sept 2013
Jim  Pagiamtzis asking are you an influencer?
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Hat Trick Story (beginning)
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing the Hat Trick story (conclusion)
Cash flow videos 
Jim Pagiamtzis interview Randy Ramadhin on Cash flow game
Jim Pagiamtzis interviews Penny Williams on Cash flow game
Jim Pagiamtzis and Randy Ramadhin talking Cash flow at Symposium Cafe
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight of Cash flow game Cdn Jamaican Association
Jim Pagiamtzis speaking about MMI Secret of Millionaire Mind
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights at Christ pits Playing hockey
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insights on Klemmer Leadership  (not applicable for contest)
 June 4th 2011
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing 1st event
Jim Pagiamtzis  interviewing  founder of Alternative Thinking on “Making it happen”
Jim Pagiamtzis shares P.E.M system
Jim Pagiamtzis explaining LinkedIn
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing insight on DISC
 Fun videos  (not applicable for contest)
Jim Pagiamtzis getting a strike in Bowling
Jim  Pagiamtzis dong the Harlem Shake  March 2013
Tony Estevez  juggling at event
Testimonials  (not applicable for contest)
J.Brett Abbey giving testimonial on Blogging event at Happen Oct 2013-11-17
Book reviews   (not applicable for contest)
Jim Pagiamtzis talks about Colleen Lindberg book. What your personality
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Getting Smarter book review
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Power of  Books  (Stuart Knight)
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing Are you Crushing it  Gary Vaynerchuk
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing  Are you in style?
Jim Pagiamtzis sharing the read a book challenge

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Testimonial for Justin McMakin

"Vision Discovery Facilitation was the genius behind the making of 21 Connections. November 15, 2011 will be a day to remembered. We held a vision discovery lunch at The Palace restaurant on the Danforth and that is where 21 Connections was born. The name and plan was laid out for it to become the online and offline entity is has become. For that I am truly grateful. Justin Mcmakin's makes it possible to clearly express your vision, to create a brand and define the ability to share it effectively with the world." ~ Jim Pagiamtzis, Founder of 21 Connections.